North East Well Water

Water Location, Depth and Quantity

Finding Well Water

Finding the most well water before you drill should be a priority.  Drilling a dry well is costly.  We at North East Well Water have the technology and the experience to locate the water if its there.

The North East Well Water® team with GF 3000 EKS Geophysical technology can help you find water before you go to the expense of drilling a well or multiple wells blindly. North East Well Water® can survey your property and provide a printed report containing information on approximate water depth, water quality (as it relates to salinity), and flow rate. Unlike traditional water witching, this seismoelectric technology developed by Geophysicists Dr. Richard Clarke and Dr. John Millar of GroundFlow Ltd. is based on scientific principles and has been proven to consistently provide accurate results.

Our well water location service can benefit home owners whose wells have gone dry or flow has decreased, land owners who need a well site located for new construction, developers building outside of city water service areas, realtors and property owners wishing to provide a well location guarantee to buyers, farmers who need stock or irrigation wells, utility companies exploring new well sites and water development strategies, engineering firms planning or aiding in new construction or development, and anyone that desires professional insight into their well water needs or well problems before drilling a well. The technology's accuracy has been proven over the last nine years throughout the world and more recently over the last six years in the U.S. With over 2600 (U.S) clients served and over 32,000 sounding performed using the GF 3000 EKS technology.


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